Marian Elaine Blair
Marian Elaine Blair


Verse 1

In His own self He bore our sins on a tree, that we who were dead would be made free

To live unto righteousness , eternally- and by his stripes we were healed, and by His stripes we were healed

The enemy wants to take this word from me, he says, "There is no way you can ever believe"

That from the pain that a holy God would feel- make us declare by His stripes we were healed,

makes us declare by His stripes we were healed


Heales, Healed, 

Healed, Healed, Healed, Healed( forty stripes minus one we were healed


 Church , let's take our stand and believe His word is true, whosoever believes, that means me or you

He sacrificed His blood out on Calvary's hill and by His stripes we were healed, and by His stripes we were healed



It doesn't mean that he can't use a doctor or a surgeon in  his plan

Anyway that he chooses, all we have to do is stand- 

Stand on His word we believe it, no matter what we feel or see

If it's not manifested down here we'll see it in Glory-

The Drive

Im still healed, no matter what no body says I'm still healed

From the crown of my head to the souls of my feet. healed

ad libs

If you took that beating all night, the least I can is 

I agree with you word, I agree with your word , I'm healed 

M E Blair


Matthew 11:28-30

If you need me to save your soul, I’ll do it for you- Heal your body and make you whole, I can do that too-If you need the tears wiped from your eyes, an end to lonely nights and unending cries- Just Come to me, call on me, you need me, I love you

That’s what I’ll do for you-That’s what I’ll do for you- (Do for you-do for you)

I’m the only one who can give you rest- I will strengthen you through your test

That’s what I’ll do for you –( Yes I will)

And when things are rough and you’re full of care (-Don’t know what to do-) Don’t you worry ‘cause I’ll be there-I will see you through-A friend sticks closer than a brother now

You can love me back, I will show you how-Just come to me, call on me, you need me, I love you- That’s what I’ll do for you-That’s what I’ll do for you (Do for you –do for you)

I’m gonna take you in my arms and hold you tight-minister to you all through the night-Oh yes I will- You can cast your cares on me for I am the Lord-Don’t you worry just stand strong-I’ll never leave you nor forsake you-Just come to me- That’s what I’ll do-for You

M E Blair
Lead vocal: Kimberly Blair-Jones


Joshua 24:15  & I Kings 18:21

Choose ye this day-whom you will serve-A question from God we have heard- The answer only you must tell-will you choose God or Baal?

Make up your mind-do it now- Don’t try to figure out how- When other gods you’ve made have failed-Will you choose God or Baal?

I’m starting to long for God-oooh-I’m longing and yearning for him- ooohh

He’s calling me to himself- oohh- I’m longing, I’m longing for God-ooohh

It’s amazing the way that I feel-disconnected from the world around me

I hear a song, His voice it compels- Will you choose God or Baal?

M E Blair


Psalms 118:13-17,21-24 & Ephesians 6:11-18

For the very last time you thought you were going down-overwhelmed by the enemy-He was all around (you)  When it seemed there was no hope at all-pressed down so hard that you might fall-The Lord was your salvation-strength and your song

Chorus-You shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord-You shall live and not die you must finish your course.

So rejoice in your God-His right hand has saved you-For this is the day He has made- so be glad that He heard you-He will never let you fall-He heard you when you called-It’s the Lords doing and it’s marvelous in our eyes- Chorus- So be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might, put the full armor on and stand, no need to fight-Hold on-You’re almost done. (Repeat)

M E Blair


Psalms 69:16

Chorus-God’s got good love, God’s got good love, (repeat)

He’s got the kind of love that makes you want to shout-The kind of love that tells you what livings’ all about-It takes you over, makes you want to live right-I love him with all my soul, with all my mind and might.

Chorus- My God’s got good love- good loving for you now-He’s good- good- loving -oh yeah

So glad I have such love that quenches every thirst- with him I feel so full-I think I’m gonna burst-You know its nothing new, it started long ago-In my heart I feel him from my head to my toe.-Chorus Hey-I can’t keep my seat now- Oh I feel him in my feet-He’s got good loving Oh yeah- Good- Good- Good- Good -Love- (Repeat) Yeah Yeah He’s got good loving- Down in my soul yeah, I can’t keep control yeah-

You oughta try the love that puts others to shame-the counterfeits out there are the ones that I blame-They mistake their lust for real love that abides-It can’t compare with God’s, its just a bunch of lies Chorus  My God’s the only one-He’s got good loving- good loving that will heal you-good loving that will save you

Good love –good love- good love-good love

M E Blair


Psalms 145:21 & Psalms 103:1

Chorus-Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord and Bless His Holy name


You woke me up this morning, let me see another day-I’m so very grateful- for all the blessings you send my way-There seems no way I can thank you- with the proper words-so I’ll just lift my hands and say” Praise the Lord” Chorus  With all of my heart-with all of my soul-with all of my mind-with everything that’s in me -with all of my being I want to tell you tonight Lord-Thank you Jesus-Halleleujah

You know Lord, Its an humbling experience-for me not to be able to make a big show- trying to impress your holiness as if you’re like some God that doesn’t know (me) Fancy words you say are not required and with my praise you are never bored-so with the fruit of my lips- I will proclaim-“Praise the Lord”-With all that is within me –I want to say oh bless your name for being so good to me-You didn’t have to do it Lord-But I’m so glad that you did- Halleleujah. Chorus – (ad libs)

M E Blair


Mathew 6:12-15  & Mark 11:25-26

Living on this earth-I was heavily laden with sin-Satan had me bound- so troubled deep within- Then I heard that God would wash me clean-make me whole and alive again- But I must forgive others-in order for him to begin-

Chorus-As I forgive others- God forgives me-When I have mercy on another, His mercy covers me, and to the giver he gives back to them –for as long as they live- “Lord Please Help me to Forgive”

I have searched for many years, the truth of peace with God-seeking for contentment of mind has really been hard-My soul desires to please him thoroughly-I want a relationship the  way it should be-I’ll not let sin separate me-From the love of God

(Chorus)  Now forgiveness is the key to love and happiness-To forgive will open doors to my own life’s success. See I want to forgive so that I can be healed-It’s not my own way but its God’s will-“Lord please Help me to Forgive”.


Don’t let me hold no grudges Lord- But I need your help to do it Lord.

M E Blair


Psalms 34:12 & Philippians 4:4

This morning I went to pray overwhelmed by worldly care-I said “Holy Spirit guide me to pray as I should”-As I waited for the answer-anticipating a word-I heard him say-

Chorus - Praise is Always Good

I wanted to beg and plead-get down on my knees-feel as sorry for myself as I could-But imagine my surprise as I

Chorus - closed my eyes

The Lord said-

Chorus - Praise is always good - Praise is good-give him praise with all your heart-praise is good-that’s the perfect way to start-when things didn’t turn out like you though it would-

Praise is always good!

Listen- You don’t need no manuscript-or some laid out plan or the approval of the whole neighborhood- Just an audience of one God-That’s all you need because Praise is always good- Praise Break-

Come on clap your hands-do a little dance-loose yourself and praise him-remember when things didn’t turn out-

Chorus - When things didn’t turn out like you thought it would-Praise is always good

Well I will bless the Lord at all times-His praise shall continually be in my mouth-my soul shall make her boast in the Lord- the humble shall hear thereof and be glad about it-When things didn’t turn out…Praise is always good

Praise the Lord-For he is good-his mercy endureth forever- Remember when things didn’t turn out. Praise is always good

M E Blair


Mark 12:30-31

Loving you is so easy cause you’re wonderful

The greatest commandment ‘s not building with bricks and clay-Its not making a name for myself –trying to plot my own way- It’s not preaching to thousands though that’s what the church is made of- But its –

(Chorus) Learning how you want to be loved-(repeat )

Lord I love you- Such easy words to say-Lord I really love you-sometimes I repeat it all through the day-Lord I love you-my words can be filled with praise-But Is this how you want to be loved?  I’m gonna take your yoke on me and learn of you.


Love is patient-love is kind (God’s love-sweet love sweet love) envies not-no pride you’ll find-Bears and believes and hopes all things-love never fails

You said not to love you with words but in truth and in deeds-Real love doesn’t just show up only when there is a need- But it seeks and prays and obeys you each and every day-because this is how you want to be loved-Repeat

I hear your word speaking to me Lord-  Love the Lord with all your heart, love the Lord with all your soul, love the Lord with all your mind and strength

Ad Libs

M E Blair


Isaiah 43:11-13

So you think you just gonna let God have his way huh? I got a message for you today- He’s gonna have his way- cause he’s a good God, A big God-Listen to this-

There is a God above looking below-He hears everything you say and sees where you go

Don’t think you’re getting away with your folly and sin-You just can’t imagine the real state you are in- There is a God

Chorus-There is a God-There is  God he’s a consuming fire- Strong deliverer-strong deliverer-my heart’s desire- His kingdom’s come his will be done today- Don’t you know he’s got to have his way?

He’s a good God but he’s Holy too- full of righteousness and mercy for you-He can’t ignore your sin that’s not confessed-So just what do you mean by- “But I’m still blessed”

There is a God- 


 Don’t refuse him for you can’t escape-He’s shaking heaven and earth-make no mistake- His kingdom can’t be moved- it will not shake- I guess you best get moving on his Holy highway----


And he shall pure-purify-Purify the sons of Levi- Purify-purify-purify the sons of Levi

That they may offer-an offering-an offering in righteousness- the sons of Levi- That they may offer an offering-in righteousness-The sons of Levi

Don’t you see that you got to be holy-holy-holy-He’s gonna purify you-gonna make you holy- Yes he is Yeah- get ready to live right, pray right, sing right, love right, walk right -Just got to be right-every day and night- He’s got to- Oh he’s got to got to have his way

God all by himself-don’t need nobody else- he can do what he wants –when he want it –anytime –anywhere-who’s gonna stop him? Who’s gonna block him? He’s got to have his way-Oh- He’s got to have His way.

Ad Libs

M E Blair


Numbers 4:4-6, Psalms 27:5 & Psalms 32:7

(Ad Libs)

Hide me here Lord-Under the blue-They won’t find me here with you-for in the time of trouble-You are there on the double-in the secret place of the most high- so hide me

Chorus-Hide me-under the blue-hide me under the blue-hid me under the blue-Hid me with you under the blue

To eat up my flesh is the reason they’ve come-But they don’t know that I have someone

On a rock you set me high-High and above-You’re my salvation-my light and my love



One thing have I desired of the Lord-That I will seek forever more-To dwell in your house-to look and behold-Your beauty and inquire of your love

Chorus- Therefore I sing praises-praises unto you-offer sacrifices of joy right here under the blue- At my hand my enemies stumble and fall before you-so whom shall I fear when you’re my refuge- Anybody here in trouble today? I’m a living witness-Just call on the name of Jesus-He’ll hide you-He’ll hide you-He’ll hide you- I know he will

Ad lib

M E Blair


Isaiah 61:3 & II Chronicles 20:20-25

(Whispers of Yaddah- Tehillah)

Feeling kind of down when I woke up today-A heavy spirit through the night had come my way- A vision came to me as I lay upon my bed-God said-“Here’s a new song for you my child”- I looked at it and said- I can wear this!

Chorus- I can wear this song- (a song of praise) wear it all day long-  ( It’s full of holiness) I can wear this song –throw off the heaviness-(It’s a robe of righteousness)

I put that song on-it fit me like a glove- The praises were so pleasing to God-wrapped up in his love- I wore it all day long-and it looked so good on me-The anointing was the fabric-laced with glory- Well I can wear this-


See I’m like a bride who’s decked with gold and pearls-one size will fit any woman, man, boy or girl- Oh so much happiness will also fall on you- When you decide to put it on and praise him too! Well you can wear this-


Now you’re wrapped up in his love-all your sins are washed in his blood-And when the devil sees you he’s gonna know, he’s gonna know, all his heaviness has got to go—Do a Yaddah praise


It’s a robe of righteousness


Ad Libs

M E Blair


I Kings 2, Acts 1:9-11 & I Thessalonians 4:16-18

There was a man who called down fire-Elijah was his name-He worked miracle after miracle- and God’s word he proclaimed-When he finished his work on earth- and it was time for him to leave- God’s sent chariots of fire-to take him home to glory- And he was caught up-

Chorus- Swing low-sweet chariot- coming for to carry me home-Swing low sweet chariot- coming for to carry me home.

Now when Jesus finished his work-and his calling he fulfilled-well blind eyes were opened-demons cast out-even lame people were healed- He stood with his disciples after he was raised from the dead. And gave a final promise- and as they pondered on what he said-He was caught up-

Chorus ( in the clouds in the air-they watched him going away- yes they did-Halleleujah- Jesus was caught up! Sho nough caught up.


Well I feel like Elijah-because of what my sweet Jesus did- Now a better chariot will bring me on home to the sky- The fire of the Holy Ghost- see that’s my new ride-Not too many days-we too could make the same cry-we’ll be saying swing low-

Chorus –I’, ready to get out of here-even so come quickly Lord-

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