10. Under The Blue

M E Blair


Numbers 4:4-6, Psalms 27:5 & Psalms 32:7

(Ad Libs)

Hide me here Lord-Under the blue-They won’t find me here with you-for in the time of trouble-You are there on the double-in the secret place of the most high- so hide me

Chorus-Hide me-under the blue-hide me under the blue-hid me under the blue-Hid me with you under the blue

To eat up my flesh is the reason they’ve come-But they don’t know that I have someone

On a rock you set me high-High and above-You’re my salvation-my light and my love



One thing have I desired of the Lord-That I will seek forever more-To dwell in your house-to look and behold-Your beauty and inquire of your love

Chorus- Therefore I sing praises-praises unto you-offer sacrifices of joy right here under the blue- At my hand my enemies stumble and fall before you-so whom shall I fear when you’re my refuge- Anybody here in trouble today? I’m a living witness-Just call on the name of Jesus-He’ll hide you-He’ll hide you-He’ll hide you- I know he will

Ad lib

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