11. I Can Wear This Song

M E Blair


Isaiah 61:3 & II Chronicles 20:20-25

(Whispers of Yaddah- Tehillah)

Feeling kind of down when I woke up today-A heavy spirit through the night had come my way- A vision came to me as I lay upon my bed-God said-“Here’s a new song for you my child”- I looked at it and said- I can wear this!

Chorus- I can wear this song- (a song of praise) wear it all day long-  ( It’s full of holiness) I can wear this song –throw off the heaviness-(It’s a robe of righteousness)

I put that song on-it fit me like a glove- The praises were so pleasing to God-wrapped up in his love- I wore it all day long-and it looked so good on me-The anointing was the fabric-laced with glory- Well I can wear this-


See I’m like a bride who’s decked with gold and pearls-one size will fit any woman, man, boy or girl- Oh so much happiness will also fall on you- When you decide to put it on and praise him too! Well you can wear this-


Now you’re wrapped up in his love-all your sins are washed in his blood-And when the devil sees you he’s gonna know, he’s gonna know, all his heaviness has got to go—Do a Yaddah praise


It’s a robe of righteousness


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