12. The Rapture/ (Swing Low)

M E Blair


I Kings 2, Acts 1:9-11 & I Thessalonians 4:16-18

There was a man who called down fire-Elijah was his name-He worked miracle after miracle- and God’s word he proclaimed-When he finished his work on earth- and it was time for him to leave- God’s sent chariots of fire-to take him home to glory- And he was caught up-

Chorus- Swing low-sweet chariot- coming for to carry me home-Swing low sweet chariot- coming for to carry me home.

Now when Jesus finished his work-and his calling he fulfilled-well blind eyes were opened-demons cast out-even lame people were healed- He stood with his disciples after he was raised from the dead. And gave a final promise- and as they pondered on what he said-He was caught up-

Chorus ( in the clouds in the air-they watched him going away- yes they did-Halleleujah- Jesus was caught up! Sho nough caught up.


Well I feel like Elijah-because of what my sweet Jesus did- Now a better chariot will bring me on home to the sky- The fire of the Holy Ghost- see that’s my new ride-Not too many days-we too could make the same cry-we’ll be saying swing low-

Chorus –I’, ready to get out of here-even so come quickly Lord-

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