2. Choose Ye This Day

M E Blair
Lead vocal: Kimberly Blair-Jones


Joshua 24:15  & I Kings 18:21

Choose ye this day-whom you will serve-A question from God we have heard- The answer only you must tell-will you choose God or Baal?

Make up your mind-do it now- Don’t try to figure out how- When other gods you’ve made have failed-Will you choose God or Baal?

I’m starting to long for God-oooh-I’m longing and yearning for him- ooohh

He’s calling me to himself- oohh- I’m longing, I’m longing for God-ooohh

It’s amazing the way that I feel-disconnected from the world around me

I hear a song, His voice it compels- Will you choose God or Baal?

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Choose Ye This Day by M.E. Blair