4. God's Got Good Love

M E Blair


Psalms 69:16

Chorus-God’s got good love, God’s got good love, (repeat)

He’s got the kind of love that makes you want to shout-The kind of love that tells you what livings’ all about-It takes you over, makes you want to live right-I love him with all my soul, with all my mind and might.

Chorus- My God’s got good love- good loving for you now-He’s good- good- loving -oh yeah

So glad I have such love that quenches every thirst- with him I feel so full-I think I’m gonna burst-You know its nothing new, it started long ago-In my heart I feel him from my head to my toe.-Chorus Hey-I can’t keep my seat now- Oh I feel him in my feet-He’s got good loving Oh yeah- Good- Good- Good- Good -Love- (Repeat) Yeah Yeah He’s got good loving- Down in my soul yeah, I can’t keep control yeah-

You oughta try the love that puts others to shame-the counterfeits out there are the ones that I blame-They mistake their lust for real love that abides-It can’t compare with God’s, its just a bunch of lies Chorus  My God’s the only one-He’s got good loving- good loving that will heal you-good loving that will save you

Good love –good love- good love-good love

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