5. Praise The Lord

M E Blair


Psalms 145:21 & Psalms 103:1

Chorus-Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord and Bless His Holy name


You woke me up this morning, let me see another day-I’m so very grateful- for all the blessings you send my way-There seems no way I can thank you- with the proper words-so I’ll just lift my hands and say” Praise the Lord” Chorus  With all of my heart-with all of my soul-with all of my mind-with everything that’s in me -with all of my being I want to tell you tonight Lord-Thank you Jesus-Halleleujah

You know Lord, Its an humbling experience-for me not to be able to make a big show- trying to impress your holiness as if you’re like some God that doesn’t know (me) Fancy words you say are not required and with my praise you are never bored-so with the fruit of my lips- I will proclaim-“Praise the Lord”-With all that is within me –I want to say oh bless your name for being so good to me-You didn’t have to do it Lord-But I’m so glad that you did- Halleleujah. Chorus – (ad libs)

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