6. Help Me To Forgive

M E Blair


Mathew 6:12-15  & Mark 11:25-26

Living on this earth-I was heavily laden with sin-Satan had me bound- so troubled deep within- Then I heard that God would wash me clean-make me whole and alive again- But I must forgive others-in order for him to begin-

Chorus-As I forgive others- God forgives me-When I have mercy on another, His mercy covers me, and to the giver he gives back to them –for as long as they live- “Lord Please Help me to Forgive”

I have searched for many years, the truth of peace with God-seeking for contentment of mind has really been hard-My soul desires to please him thoroughly-I want a relationship the  way it should be-I’ll not let sin separate me-From the love of God

(Chorus)  Now forgiveness is the key to love and happiness-To forgive will open doors to my own life’s success. See I want to forgive so that I can be healed-It’s not my own way but its God’s will-“Lord please Help me to Forgive”.


Don’t let me hold no grudges Lord- But I need your help to do it Lord.

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