7. Praise Is Always Good

M E Blair


Psalms 34:12 & Philippians 4:4

This morning I went to pray overwhelmed by worldly care-I said “Holy Spirit guide me to pray as I should”-As I waited for the answer-anticipating a word-I heard him say-

Chorus - Praise is Always Good

I wanted to beg and plead-get down on my knees-feel as sorry for myself as I could-But imagine my surprise as I

Chorus - closed my eyes

The Lord said-

Chorus - Praise is always good - Praise is good-give him praise with all your heart-praise is good-that’s the perfect way to start-when things didn’t turn out like you though it would-

Praise is always good!

Listen- You don’t need no manuscript-or some laid out plan or the approval of the whole neighborhood- Just an audience of one God-That’s all you need because Praise is always good- Praise Break-

Come on clap your hands-do a little dance-loose yourself and praise him-remember when things didn’t turn out-

Chorus - When things didn’t turn out like you thought it would-Praise is always good

Well I will bless the Lord at all times-His praise shall continually be in my mouth-my soul shall make her boast in the Lord- the humble shall hear thereof and be glad about it-When things didn’t turn out…Praise is always good

Praise the Lord-For he is good-his mercy endureth forever- Remember when things didn’t turn out. Praise is always good

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