8. The Greatest Commandment

M E Blair


Mark 12:30-31

Loving you is so easy cause you’re wonderful

The greatest commandment ‘s not building with bricks and clay-Its not making a name for myself –trying to plot my own way- It’s not preaching to thousands though that’s what the church is made of- But its –

(Chorus) Learning how you want to be loved-(repeat )

Lord I love you- Such easy words to say-Lord I really love you-sometimes I repeat it all through the day-Lord I love you-my words can be filled with praise-But Is this how you want to be loved?  I’m gonna take your yoke on me and learn of you.


Love is patient-love is kind (God’s love-sweet love sweet love) envies not-no pride you’ll find-Bears and believes and hopes all things-love never fails

You said not to love you with words but in truth and in deeds-Real love doesn’t just show up only when there is a need- But it seeks and prays and obeys you each and every day-because this is how you want to be loved-Repeat

I hear your word speaking to me Lord-  Love the Lord with all your heart, love the Lord with all your soul, love the Lord with all your mind and strength

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