9. He's Got To Have His Way

M E Blair


Isaiah 43:11-13

So you think you just gonna let God have his way huh? I got a message for you today- He’s gonna have his way- cause he’s a good God, A big God-Listen to this-

There is a God above looking below-He hears everything you say and sees where you go

Don’t think you’re getting away with your folly and sin-You just can’t imagine the real state you are in- There is a God

Chorus-There is a God-There is  God he’s a consuming fire- Strong deliverer-strong deliverer-my heart’s desire- His kingdom’s come his will be done today- Don’t you know he’s got to have his way?

He’s a good God but he’s Holy too- full of righteousness and mercy for you-He can’t ignore your sin that’s not confessed-So just what do you mean by- “But I’m still blessed”

There is a God- 


 Don’t refuse him for you can’t escape-He’s shaking heaven and earth-make no mistake- His kingdom can’t be moved- it will not shake- I guess you best get moving on his Holy highway----


And he shall pure-purify-Purify the sons of Levi- Purify-purify-purify the sons of Levi

That they may offer-an offering-an offering in righteousness- the sons of Levi- That they may offer an offering-in righteousness-The sons of Levi

Don’t you see that you got to be holy-holy-holy-He’s gonna purify you-gonna make you holy- Yes he is Yeah- get ready to live right, pray right, sing right, love right, walk right -Just got to be right-every day and night- He’s got to- Oh he’s got to got to have his way

God all by himself-don’t need nobody else- he can do what he wants –when he want it –anytime –anywhere-who’s gonna stop him? Who’s gonna block him? He’s got to have his way-Oh- He’s got to have His way.

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